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Get trained to make money online through writing.

academic writing training

Topics Covered

Customer Support

We offer training at an affordable amount for all our clients and topics well covered to ensure your productivity.

Topics Well Covered

We have a dedicated customer support team that ensure you are fully satisfied with a live support that is ready to help.


You get a four-week support period, and any queries clarified to you to ensure your writing journey is productive.

Track Record

On getting trained, you can join writers connect to maximize on opportunities and expand your knowledge.


Topics Covered

Formats and Styles e.g. APA, MLA, Harvard

We guide you on the various types of writing and formats for various kind of tasks.


We take you through referencing and how to go about different referencing types for different tasks.


In this lesson, we help you understand relevant citations and the importance of citation and how to go about it.

Plagiarism Tools and Utilizing Assignment Databases

In this lesson, we discuss the tools for plagiarism detection.

Use of Writing Tools

In this lesson, we discuss the tools for plagiarism detection and how to use assignment databases optimally.


We help you optimize your work. We may hire you as one of our writers once you are through with the training.