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Ebcohost at WritersHub


EBSCOhost is an intuitive online research platform used by thousands of institutions and millions of users worldwide. With EBSCOhost quality data base you get all kind of information you need as a researcher.       


Academic writing services in Kenya

Writing services

We offer writing services. Ranging from masters, PhD, Thesis, Proposals to Dissertation writing services. We have experienced writers. When it comes to writing you can count on us, we surely render quality.                         

Turnitin at MS WritersHub


Turnitin to ensure ethics in academics. With Turnitin you can identify plagiarised content and make corrections. It’s the high time you got the Turnitin account. No more plagiarism check struggles.                                                       

Course hero logins

Course Hero Logins

Want to earn from online writing? We are here to equip you with the necessary and legitimate tools to help you earn online. With course hero you are able to access writing resources easily i.e expert tutors,explanations and answers.                                                                                        


PayPal Verification Documents

You need to get your identity approved for a PayPal account so as to transact huge money. We get everything ready for you so that you can start receiving your payments as soon as possible.   



Upwork Accounts

Upwork is one of the leading online work place. We offer new and approved Upwork accounts at an affordable price. Getting a productive account all by yourself can be tricky but with MS Writershub everything is a breeze.                                                                                                                          


Nord and Tunnel Bear VPN Logins

NordVPN offers dedicated IP addresses and has advanced leak protection, whereas TunnelBear only offers shared IPs. If you are squeezed by your budget, yet in need of the subscriptions we are here for you.

Grammarly premium accounts

Grammarly Reseller Package

Millions trust Grammarly’s writing app to make their online writing clear and effective.It is a writing tool that helps you check for several types of errors.With as low as $3 you get a premium Grammarly account                        

Upwork accounts in Kenya

Plagiarism Removal Services

Get advanced plagiarism removal services. With our paraphrasing tools ,we change the sentences and remain with the same best meaning. Whether a PhD thesis or Dissertation ,you do not have to worry about plagiarism.

Chegg unlocks

Chegg Unlocks

Everything is figureoutable with Chegg. Chegg offers you with Textbook Solutions, Expert Q&A, Video Explanations and Practice Problems. We offer you Chegg unlocks at a discounted price.                                                                                                         


Rev and Verbit

Do you need a perfect tool to professionally transcribe all English audio to text. Rev and Verbit are the very solution whatever audio you have and also earn through transcription tasks.                                                  


Bulk SMS

In any kind of business you need to reach more prospects. Just a click on your keyboard you can now send a SMS text message to thousands of your potential clients.                                                                                                         

QuillBot Accounts

Quillbot paraphrasing tool

Millions trust QuillBot’s full-sentence thesaurus to get creative suggestions, rewrite content, and get over writer’s block. We offer the tool at $50 per year or $30 for six months. Ease writing with Quillbot.                                                     

Do my assignment

Assignment help services

Order Assignment help & Secure Highest Grades at a lowest price. We are a top website assisting students with online assignment writing.Our assignment writing services are 100% risk free and a 100% unique and plagiarism free 

academic writing-min

Academic Writing Training

We offer  the only comprehensive academic writing training program in Kenya. We have made it affordable for anyone willing to acquire skills to help him/her make a legitimate living online through academic writing.

vpn and proxy

VPN and VIP 72 Socks5 Proxy

Remote Desktop Protocol allows remote users to see and use Windows on a device in another location. We offer 12438 IP addresses in 128 countries, and they guarantee that their proxy and socks servers will completely hide your browsing activity.

academic writing websites

Academic Writing Websites

Get your own website and handle more clients on your own. We have partnered with professional web designers that will get you a search engine optimized website to get more of your target clients globally.

Thesis Writing Online

Publication of journals/Thesis

Maximise your chances of getting published
Whether you are a Ph.D. student or a senior researcher, time is a precious commodity. Publishing your research can involve several hurdles. 


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Training is conducted online via interactive emails or our portal by reading, implementing and ask any questions via email. Our support team is available from Monday to Friday in case you need any help. Many people get jobs during the first two weeks.

You need to have a good command for English and a passion for writing. If we are confident, you have those we can get started at any time. You will also need access to computer and internet.

The training takes up to 10 days with 5units covered.

Please register on our portal and notify us upon registration. You will be provided with an enrollment key upon registration. Besides training, we offer you a variety of academic writing tools at discounted prices that you may need in your academic/article writing process. These include Writing accounts(Upwork), Plagiarism checker(Turnitin) and Grammar checkers(Grammarly)

Confidential orders and secure payments. 100% privacy is granted. No more cash worries.

We follow your academic writing progress. We guide you through your academic writing journey.

Experienced Academic writers design our courses. We, therefore, offer quality courses.

Freelance writing in Kenya


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We are a one stop for your academic writing needs. From tools to teaching you the necessary skills in academic writing. We guide you through the entire journey. Yes you can!…Convert that writing passion to a source of income. You do not have to struggle with writing issues as well. We will surely cater for your needs.