How to Land a Freelance Writing Job as a Beginner

This is part of our academic writing training course. But I am giving it to you for free;How to Land a Freelance Writing Job as a Beginner.It is worth adding it to your bookmark in case you are planning to become a freelance writer.

Every writer’s dream is to land good quality gigs. I purposefully prepared this article for those freelance writing beginners and anyone else having trouble landing a good freelance writing job. I do not want you to make any mistakes when kicking off into freelance writing.

Here are some ways that will help you get clients.

Cold Pitching

Cold pitching, I know you are wondering what the hell this means. Cold pitching is a less competitive way of you landing a freelance writing job.

You haven’t talked about Cold pitching yet.

It is when you individually or as a brand contact institutions, businesses, or even entrepreneurs and talk to them about how you can help grow their businesses.

Sounds challenging, especially for anyone trying to land on a Freelance writing Job as a beginner. But it’s easy and worth it. Identify Businesses, for instance, those without the Blog section and those trying to have their online presence felt. Then try convincing them how you would be of help. Draft an email and send it to them.

What do I include in the pitch?

  • How you did discover them.
  • Who are you and what about you?
  • How will you assist them?


Job Board Ads (Easiest way to land a freelance writing job as a beginner)

If you want to get good quality jobs, Job Board Ad is the way to go. It’s a bit easier, but the most common means by many writers. I emphasize choosing this path to land a Freelance writing job as a beginner.

In some situations, you have to agree with the client on the starting rates. Some of these Job Boards require subscription payments. However, I recommend you begin with free Job Boards.

Some of these platforms include



All freelancers writing job Board


Millions of people are using Social media platforms to promote their brands and build relations with prospects. Twitter specifically is a gold mine for freelancers to get jobs and connect with other writers.

Below is a list of Job Boards you ought to follow.




Ask friends

Sure! Go around inquiring. I got my first Social Media marketing gig by asking. Your friend may need help in editing something or creating promotional content. Let your coworkers know they should consider you when in need of any content.

Get a Professional Website

It’s the fastest way to attract well-paying clients or maybe personal Blogs. You can use your niche as a marketing platform for your freelance services.

To get a professional website or a blog, you will have to obtain a domain name and hosting.

Spoiler alert: You have to invest, but with $24, you ‘re good to good.

Good news, your Blog can make you some passive income.

Check out this ultimate guide on how to start a Blog.

Guest Post

Yeah, for free. Your guest post on a popular site is likely to go viral. And among those readers is a potential client. Besides, you will have some samples of your work to show to your clients.

It’s easy to get a brand to write for simply google “niche+write for us.” View the instructions on the results you are interested in and post your idea.

Also, take your time to draft your author Bio. It’s a critical piece and determines whether authors will visit your site.


Build Network

The best thing that can boost any business is networking. You lose nothing sharing, you learn as well. Networking makes your brand stronger.

Later long, you will realize a lot of referrals by your network. It’s a win-win situation. If you have been avid in networking, keep going, you are absolutely on the right track.

Warm pitching

Wait, my opening idea was cold pitching. Here we go, let’s try warm pitching as well. This way too indirect method. For instance, if you are interested in a particular brand start liking their page(Social Media)

In this case, you get any of their notifications and potential of linking up with prospects.


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What about you Social Media Profile

You need a job, why not say it. State on your profile that you are for hire. Not many freelancers do so. Prospects won’t realize it until you alert them. Don’t forget notifying your network too.

Facebook Groups

Always works out, mainly that some of these groups share posts on Freelance jobs. Also, try joining the group’s conversations. It builds strong relationships that are likely to render jobs. Throw out a post that is likely to grant you conversions.

Here are some Facebook communities to join

Smart Passive income

Freelancers Kenya

The Write Life Community.


Once you land any client, ask him/her to refer clients to you. You can promise a commission to psych him/her up. Try figuring from them whether they have someone in mind.

Go for sites that pay

Did I say you should guest post for free? If there are Blogs that are paying you to post, you can do away with the free guest posting. Besides, modify your portfolio such that it pitches to job ads/


Did you know Linked has a Job Board AD? Just go on the section and search for writing jobs. Linked can earn you some Freelance writing jobs.

Extra tip.

You just need to refurbish your profile in a professional manner, which is likely to attract clients.

Finally Reddit

Yet another Social Media platform. On Reddit, you are likely to land a high paying Gig.

Its time to be serious

I just leaked some ways to earn you a freelance writing job, and good quality jobs, I had to clarify. I hope you enjoyed it and I helped. Feel free to share this post. Over to you, I would love to know which among these techniques works for you.

Pancrasio (6)

Pancrasio M. is a Digital marketing specialist and freelance writer. He writers for MS writersHub and among the founders at PNCEE. He works for B2B and B2C businesses providing blog writing services, Social media marketing, and SEO optimization.


Pancrasio M. is a Digital marketing specialist and freelance writer. He writers for MS writersHub and among the founders at PNCEE. He works for B2B and B2C businesses providing blog writing services, Social media marketing, and SEO optimization.